Just yesterday, we told you in our forums about these 3 Parisian friends who, by following the 2018 World Cup, had won 3 million euros by betting on 15 matches on the 2018 World Cup.

Today, we invite you to take stock of what this Mondial has brought to the gaming world and more particularly to the bookmakers who have seen this competition as an unnamed boon. Sports betting operators have rubbed their hands and many punters have won fabulous wins between June 14 and July 15, 2018. But it is our French neighbors who were most seduced by this game mode and who have the more played online, betting more and more by following the progress of their Blues team, until the explosive final for France, for the players, but also for the online bookmakers!

A success for sports betting

It is not insignificant to say that sports betting has grown quite strongly since the World Football Championship took place in Russia for the past 30 days all over the world. Ended only two days ago, the World Cup in Russia was undoubtedly a great boon for operators who see, whether they are back home in Belgium, on the side of our French neighbors or even in China, results for this season. much more than excellent. The results displayed by the ARJEL are for example rather shocking, because they exceed the expectations of the operators. For example, we see bets that have already exceeded € 350 million in the group stage alone.

Sports betting operators who have therefore recorded an excellent turnover, exceeding all their expectations. This is very good news for this sector, which was already enjoying the best year in terms of profits ever since 2017. This year therefore still seems rather fruitful than the previous one and we owe this mainly to this famous World Cup. Sports bets recorded since the start of this World Cup are in fact explosive and the results rather obvious since there are 363 million euros in bets, just in the group stage. A figure which greatly exceeds the results obtained during the previous World Cup which took place in 2014 and which amounted to € 290 million in all, including € 166 million in the group stage.

Online betting sites

It was the online sports betting sites that actually generated the most money during this competition, masterfully orchestrated by FIFA. The firm has indeed collected from our French neighbors a stake of 204 million euros, while the FDJ takes second place in the market, seeing its points of sale make a turnover of 159 € million. Finally, you should know that it is the matches where France was on the bill that received the biggest stakes.

This World Cup in Russia was a great success and everyone was talking about this phenomenon until the final where all the punters vibrated in front of this France-Croatia of anthology which crowned our French neighbors World Champions. for 4 years. A day of celebration for the supporters, but also for the operators who were able to take full advantage of this craze for football and betting, generating the maximum result for this year. This final allowed these bookmakers to considerably increase their profit, the number of players who usually bet in France increasing with each new match of the Blues.

But France is not the only one to arouse the bets. Indeed, the match between Brazil and Switzerland collected the most stakes with 17 million euros. But it was all the same the matches of the France team which generated in fact the most gains with more than 37 million euros on the matches with Peru, Australia and Denmark.

We do not yet have the betting results figures for this France-Croatia final which took place just two days ago and which allowed France to obtain its second star, but there are great chances so that the numbers have certainly increased tenfold. We will quickly discover the purpose of this story and we will not fail to tell you about it soon on Roulette.be. In the meantime, we can only advise you to take a closer look at this world of sports betting, because it is a gaming sector that is increasingly juicy for players who are more and more interested in gambling. he world of sport combined with that of betting, and more particularly around football.

An opportunity to see websites offering new welcome bonus offers to new registrants, at the start of Euro 2020 for example; or at the next World Cup which will take place in 2022 in Qatar. If you missed the chance to bet on your team this summer, don’t miss out on upcoming international events to catch up!

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